Evergreen Catalog: Earn a 9.75% Return in 10 Months

Earn a 9.75% return in less than one year on an evergreen publishing catalog driven by the No. 1 hit “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'.”


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Sorry, this advance has been sold.

What is being sold?

Earn a 9.75% return in 10 months from a catalog of evergreen musical compositions driven by the classic “These Boots Are Made for Walkin',"You are investing $51,250 to receive a one-time payment of $56,250, due in September 2018.

This peer advance is unique in that is not based on a royalty stream. You are buying the right to receive a one-time payment installment due from the copyright purchase of this catalog by Universal Music Publishing Group. The purchase results from a provision in the United States copyright law which provides musicians and songwriters an opportunity to regain copyright ownership for works that they transferred to outside entities, such as record labels and music publishers. The seller of this advance exercised this right of termination and then resold the copyrights to UMPG. As part of the acquisition agreement, the seller is due to receive several payment installments from Universal.

You are purchasing rights to 100% of the seller's interest in one of the payment installments, as laid out in the purchase agreement between the seller and UMPG. The payment you are entitled to is $56,250 and will be paid by Universal in September of 2018. Royalty Exchange has confirmed the payment with UMPG as well as the seller's ability to assign the payment to an investor. Once the buyer makes the down payment, they will receive a copy of the asset acquisition agreement to review.

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