70s Soft Rock: “Sharing The Night Together”

This catalog earns songwriter and publisher royalties from the popular 1978 hit “Sharing The Night Together” from Dr. Hook and more.


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Historic royalty income is no indication of future royalty income. Future royalty income is dependent upon future sales and licensing revenue generated by the sound recordings or compositions associated with this listing.

Starting Price: $51,000
Bidding Increment: $1,500
Closing Price: $177,000
End Date: Dec 06, 2017, 3:19 PM MST
Investment Term: At Least 54 Years
Last 12 Months' Royalties: $13,255
Royalty Type: Public Performance, Mechanical, Sync
First Payment: ASCAP: January 2018 and Spirit: February 2018
Buyer Fees: None


This is an exciting opportunity to own a unique piece of “rock and roll” past. This catalog contains the 1978 classic track “Sharing The Night Together” and earns from multiple sources: public performance, mechanical, and sync royalties. Over the last 12 months, this catalog has generated $13,255 in royalties.

On the publishing side, earnings have grown 25% over the previous year, thanks to increased mechanical and sync royalties. “Sharing The Night Together” has seen a revitalization in the recent years with placements in film and TV. Sync royalties have grown 85% in the past year and are the most lucrative source of income with 51% of historic earnings. “Sharing The Night Together” has been used in the Steve Carrell comedy The 40-Year-Old Virgin, episodes of The Family Guy and CBS's Cold Case, as well as part of music score in the 2014 indie film, Odd Brodsky.

“Sharing The Night Together” was penned in 1976 by the prolific songwriter, Eddie Struzick, who was an integral part of the famed Muscle Shoals music scene. The song was recorded by multiple artists, most notably by the soft rock band Dr. Hook. Dr. Hook's rendition of “Sharing The Night Together” reached No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, No. 18 on Adult Contemporary charts and was Gold-certified in 1978.

“Sharing The Night Together” brings in over 90% of royalties for this asset. But this collection also features the LeBlanc and Carr title “Falling,” which also charted on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 13 in 1978.

Key Drivers

This auction is for multiple royalty streams for the catalog. This means the winner of this auction can receive income in multiple ways:

  • Mechanical: Royalties paid to songwriters and artists when music is sold (think CD or vinyl) but also when music is streamed (streaming mechanicals) “on-demand” (like Spotify).
  • Performance: Royalties when music is performed publicly. Music played over the radio, in a restaurant or bar, or over a service like Spotify or Pandora is considered a public performance.
  • Synchronization: Royalties paid to songwriters and publishers for use of a song as background music for a movie, TV show, or commercial.

In the last 12 months, this asset has produced 63% of its income from public performance royalties. Radio accounts for 49% of performance earnings to date. What's impressive is that radio income is growing for the catalog — 11% over the last four quarters. Streaming has also grown 8% over the last four quarters' earnings, which is in line with worldwide growth of streaming across the industry. If you're interested in learning more about streaming revenues' significant growth across the industry, click here.

On the publishing side, the majority of historic income has come from sync royalties at 51%. As the winner of this auction, if “Sharing The Night Together” is used in any commercials, TV shows or movies in the future, you'll collect those up-front sync fees.

Want to learn more about the different royalty types? View our guides on mechanical and performance royalties here and sync royalties here.

A note about copyright length

“Sharing the Night Together” was written in 1976. According to U.S. copyright law, the copyright was automatically renewed in 1992, giving it a 95-year protection from the date it was written. That means that the copyright for “Sharing the Night Together” will be valid through 2071. The investment term is listed as “at least 54 years” because there are additional works in this catalog that were written after “Sharing the Night Together,” which will all have a longer period of protection.

What is being sold?

100% of the seller's interest in the songwriter's share of public performance royalties (ASCAP) attributable to select musical works and 100% of the seller's interest in the songwriter's share of publishing royalties (Spirit Music Group) attributable to select musical works. See the “Financials” tab for a full track list.

How does this asset make money?

On the performance side every time “Sharing the Night Together,” or any song from the catalog, is played on the radio, plays on TV, or streamed online, you'll earn money. On the publishing side, every time “Sharing the Night Together” is licensed for film or TV, is downloaded or sold, or covered by another artist, you earn royalties. Royalty Exchange will administer payments from ASCAP and the first distribution you will receive is January 2018. Spirit makes payments biannually and the first distribution you will receive is February 2018.

What rights are included?

  Musical Composition Sound Recording
Copyrights included? No
Public Performance
Sources: Internet Streaming, AM/FM & Satellite Radio, Digital Downloads, CD Sales, TV/Film/Commercial Placements & Performances, etc. Internet Streaming, Satellite Radio, Digital Downloads, CD Sales, TV/Film/Commercial Placements & Performances, Samples, etc.
Distributors: ASCAP, Spirit Music Group

About the Royalty Distributors

ASCAP is the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. It is a membership association of more than 575,000 composers, songwriters, lyricists and music publishers of every kind of music. ASCAP also represents music creators worldwide through agreements with affiliated international societies.

Spirit Music Group
Spirit Music Group is one of the world's leading independent music publishers, owning and/or managing more than 75,000 songs spanning seven decades and every musical genre. Spirit has earned a strong reputation as an aggressive royalty administrator and a peerless promoter of its songs into film, television and advertising productions as well as a wide range of new media. Spirit Music Group is headquartered in New York with offices in London, Los Angeles, Nashville and the Netherlands.

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