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Up for bid is an established Afro jazz/soul catalog highlighted by South African vocalist Zamajobe.


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Starting Price: $13,000
Bidding Increment: $200
Closing Price: $22,400
End Date: Jun 10, 2021, 1:00 PM MDT
Dollar Age:

13.30 Years

Last 12 Months' Royalties:


Investment Term: 10 years*


Rights Included:

Public Performance

Interests Included:

Songwriter (World)

Track List:

Track List

First Distribution (paid 30 days from receipt):

July 21, 2021

Distribution Frequency:

Varies (See Note Below)

Buyer Fees:

1% of closing price or $500 (whichever is greater)‡§

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What rights are included?

  Musical Composition Sound Recording
Copyrights included? No
Public Performance
Sources: Internet Streaming, AM/FM & Satellite Radio, TV/Film/Commercial Performances, etc. Internet Streaming, Satellite Radio, Digital Downloads, CD Sales, TV/Film/Commercial Placements & Performances, Samples, etc.
Distributors: SAMRO


This auction features songwriter royalties generated by Afro-jazz and soul music from Idols South Africa finalist, Zamajobe. 


This collection generates public performance earnings distributed by the South African performing rights society SAMRO. The “Financials” tab lists the organization’s unique distribution schedule with certain underlying sources being paid once a year.  

Domestic (South African) radio royalties are the leading source of earnings accounting for 93% of last year’s total. This is notable as four of the top five songs were released in 2004 and yet still command radio airtime. As a result of SAMRO’s unique distribution schedule, the February payment each year is the bulk of the catalog’s earnings as it’s the domestic radio distribution. 

Royalties are fairly diversified across the catalog with no song accounting for more than 22% of earnings in the last year. 


This collection of Afro jazz/soul music features popular South African vocalist Zamajobe. As a finalist on the second season of Idols South Africa, Zamajobe went on to launch a successful career. 

The catalog’s top song is “Ndawo Yami” with 22.1% of last year’s royalties. The song was released on her debut eponymous album in 2003. Right behind and also on the album Ndawo Yami is “Akekho” with 21.7% of earnings in the last 12 months. 

Other songs from Ndawo Yami are “Magic," “Ye Wena Sani,” and “Hey Hey Hey.”

Key Drivers

Dollar Age. This catalog has a Dollar Age of 13.30 years. This means the catalog has earned for over 13 years, while many of the top songs were released 17 years ago in 2003. A high Dollar Age like this suggests stability and longevity. A catalog containing mature works is something worth noting as an investor, as it can help sustain a catalog's earnings moving forward.


Please note: Royalties for this asset are reported in South African Rand. To calculate the payments in U.S. Dollars, Royalty Exchange applied the average historical foreign exchange rate for the distribution month (via

The future royalties will be paid to Royalty Exchange in South African Rand, converted to U.S. Dollars upon receipt, and then paid in U.S. Dollars to the winning investor. Assets paid in foreign currency entail additional risk as foreign exchange rate changes will cause fluctuations in future cash flows. 

Additionally, because the royalty payments originate in South Africa, the purchaser may be subject to withholding taxes, depending on their domicile. You can learn more about foreign tax withholding here. Since all investors’ tax situations are different, please consult your tax advisor if you have questions on foreign withholding.

About the Royalty Distributor

Established in 1961, the South African Music Rights Organization (SAMRO) represents more than 12,000 music creators. SAMRO's primary role is to administer performing rights on behalf of its members. They do so by licensing music users (such as television and radio broadcasters, live music venues, retailers, restaurants, promoters and shopping centers) through the collection of license fees which are then distributed as royalties. Royalties are distributed in a pre-determined schedule each year at varying intervals. To view 2021's schedule, use this link

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