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Collect sync royalties from a catalog of music by composer and multi-instrumentalist Bradford Nyght.  Earn money every time a song in this catalog is licensed for use in a media project such as a movie, a commercial, or branding and promotional content.


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Top Bid: Ben L

Historic royalty income is no indication of future royalty income. Future royalty income is dependent upon future sales and licensing revenue generated by the sound recordings or compositions associated with this listing.

Starting Price: $130,000
Bidding Increment: $10,000
Closing Price: $150,000
End Date: Oct 20, 2016, 3:00 PM MDT
Investment Term Life of the author + 70 Years
Last 12 Months' Royalties $42,653
Royalty Type Synchronization
First Payment November 2016


Here's a rare chance to double-dip on a type of royalty where you'll be paid up-front for music licensing rather than on the back end. Synchronization or “sync” royalties are up-front fees paid by licensees to the owners of both the musical composition and sound recording copyrights. In order to sync a particular recording of a song with pictures or video (like a soundtrack to a movie or background music in a commercial), someone who wants to use that recording must get permission from and pay sync fees to both the musical composition copyright holder (the songwriter or publisher) and the sound recording copyright holder (the artist or record label).

In this case, the seller holds both copyrights and is entitled to both sync fees. Up for auction is 30% of those future sync fees for a catalog of works by composer and multi-instrumentalist Bradford Nyght. In the last 12 months, 30% of the sync royalties generated by this catalog totaled $42,653.21.

Bradford Nyght's catalog is exclusively available for licensing through Musicbed.  Musicbed is the marketplace and premier online resource for highly curated and creative music. Musicbed has become a haven for highly competent artists and composers to license and fund their musical endeavors as well as provide a consistent monthly cash flow which allows them to focus on creating the highest level of musical output that the top brands in the world are willing to pay for. Brands like Apple, Facebook, Amazon, BMW and GE rely on the new artists that Musicbed breaks for their marketing campaigns.  Musicbed has between 1.5-2 million visits a month to their website and handles roughly 10,000 sync licenses each month.

What is being sold?

30% of the seller's interest in the master and publishing synchronization royalties attributable to selected songs in seller's catalog administered by Musicbed. Musicbed distributes payments monthly, so the winner of this auction will receive the first royalty payment in November.

how does this asset make money?

Licensees pay sync fees for the right to use these songs in their media projects. The fees vary in amount based on the licensee's usage of the song. Anytime a song in this catalog is licensed for a project - a film, promotional/branded content, a slideshow, etc. - a sync royalty is collected.

For example, State Farm recently used a song from this catalog, “We Belong Together,” in a TV commercial. They paid $25,000 to license the song and the royalties that Bradford earned were $8,575. If you had owned that catalog at that time, your 30% interest would have earned you $2,572.50. Not only that, but the same song can be licensed by multiple clients multiple times. In June, Air New Zealand paid $8,250 to use “We Belong Together” in a commercial and are currently in the process of licensing the same song for a bigger project.

The tracks in Bradford's catalog are getting licensed every month between 180-250 times. View the State Farm and Air New Zealand projects and others that have used Bradford's work by visiting the “Media” tab.

what is interesting about this asset?

Bradford Nyght is an active composer in the creative commercial world and on the forefront of what's happening in branding and commercial licensing. He has both iTunes chart-topping albums & current TV commercial placements. His ability to understand the emotional context of a film or commercial request keeps him in demand for the world's biggest brand names including NIKE, BMW, Airbnb, Chevy, Instagram, State Farm, Tesla Motors and many others.

The value of Bradford's library is not only in its appreciating value from year to year (and it's diversity and appeal to a wide range of commercial clients) but also the consistency with which Bradford updates and adds to it on a monthly basis. This allows his more mature tracks to find newer licenses within the expanding Musicbed universe.

Musicbed royalty income provides him with the ability to create at the highest levels and to invest & support other creative industries including local musicians, recording studios, photographers, web developers and graphic designers. Musicbed is helping to create and fund a resurgence in the creative community by providing for and supporting composers and artists like Bradford Nyght in making the most unique and valuable music in the world.

what rights are included?

about the royalty distributors

Musicbed is a full-service licensing platform that provides a highly curated selection of songs to filmmakers for use in media projects. Musicbed is all about making quality music easily accessible, empowering creatives to tell better stories, and supporting musical artists. Musicbed represents over 650 indie musicians and composers for sync licensing and custom scores.


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