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Collect royalties from some of the biggest names in pop music: Beyoncé, Rita Ora, Kylie Minogue, Cher, Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo, DJ Khaled, Kelly Clarkson, Snoop Dogg and T.I.


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Historic royalty income is no indication of future royalty income. Future royalty income is dependent upon future sales and licensing revenue generated by the sound recordings or compositions associated with this listing.

Starting Price: $50,000
Bidding Increment: $1,500
Closing Price: $84,500
End Date: Feb 23, 2018, 3:00 PM MST
Investment Term: Life of author + 70 years
Last 12 Months' Royalties: $14,616
Royalty Type: Public Performance
First Payment: April 2018
Buyer Fees: None


Here's an opportunity to earn royalties from some of the most recognizable artists in the music industry today. This catalog contains over 80 tracks performed by Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue, Rita Ora, Cher, Kelly ClarksonNicki Minaj and many more. This star-studded asset generated $14,616 over the last 12 months.

The catalog earns over 80% of its income from countries outside the U.S., thanks to international pop stars Rita Ora and Kylie Minogue. Acting as the foundation is “How We Do (Party)” from British vocalist Rita Ora. Off her debut studio album Ora, “How We Do (Party)” has brought in 48% of historic royalties. The song charted in 16 different countries hitting No. 1 in the U.K., Ireland, Scotland and in the U.S. on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs.

Kylie Minogue’s “Into The Blue,” is the second highest earning track in the collection and brought in 31% of royalties in the last 12 months. Widely regarded as her “comeback” hit, the song was critically acclaimed and charted in 15 countries.

Arguably the most well-known name attached to this asset is global pop icon Beyoncé. Her song “Grown Woman” is the catalog’s third highest-earning title. The song was part of Pepsi's "Mirrors" ad campaign featuring Beyoncé. Check out the “Media” tab to see the commercial. “Grown Woman” was also a bonus track included in the special edition purchase of her fifth studio album, Beyoncé. The album was released with a bonus DVD of videos or “visuals.” “Grown Woman” is part of that video album -- it plays after the credits on the DVD and before the credits in digital format. The video currently buffers over 80 million views on YouTube.

Finally, this catalog boasts many other tracks from popular artists. There is “Young Forever” from Nicki Minaj, pop legend Cher’s “I Don't Have To Sleep To Dream,” “Pick Up The Pieces” performed by Jason Derulo, and “Bad Reputation” from Kelly Clarkson. The collection also contains titles from hip-hop veterans T.I. and Snoop Dogg: “Guns and Roses” and “The City,” respectively.

Key Drivers

Not surprisingly, the star power within this catalog is the most attractive feature. Rita Ora is a not only an international pop star -- she’s also a rising actress landing big roles in Hollywood feature films. Kylie Minogue has been making hits for over two decades with a massive global following. She is also about to drop a new album later in 2018, which can help bolster an artist’s back catalog.

Beyoncé is a pop culture phenomenon with 22 Grammys to her name and touted as one of the best-selling music artists in history. Forbes magazine has ranked Beyoncé as the most powerful female in entertainment -- twice! Not to be forgotten is living pop legend Cher. With more than 100 million records sold worldwide, Cher is known as one of the world's top-selling female recording artists of all time.

What is being sold?

100% of the seller's interest in the songwriter's share of public performance royalties attributable to musical works in the seller's catalog of songs. See the “Financials” tab for a full track list.

How does this asset make money?

Every time “How We Do (Party)” or any song in this catalog, is played on the radio, TV, Spotify, or any other type of public performance, you earn royalties. Royalty Exchange will administer BMI payments quarterly and the first distribution you will receive is March 2018 to be paid in April.

What rights are included?

  Musical Composition Sound Recording
Copyrights included? No
Public Performance
Sources: Internet Streaming, AM/FM & Satellite Radio, TV/Film/Commercial Performances, etc. Internet Streaming, Satellite Radio, Digital Downloads, CD Sales, TV/Film/Commercial Placements & Performances, Samples, etc.
Distributors: BMI

About the Royalty Distributor

BMI represents more than 10.5 million musical works created and owned by more than 700,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers. BMI supports businesses and organizations that play music publicly by offering blanket music licenses that permit them to play more than 10.5 million musical works.

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