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Now is your chance to own a piece of recording history! Known for inventing the unique recording style “break-in,” Dickie Goodman coined the style of splicing together recordings of popular songs with comedic questions to create these historic, novelty recordings. Goodman holds the current Guinness World Record for "Most Charted Comedy/Novelty Hits" at an astounding 17.

Up for auction are tracks dating back to the 1950’s, including the certified gold hit “Mr. Jaws” which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard chart in 1975 (surpassing Bruce Springsteen’s “Born To Run”). The parody track was released following the success of the film Jaws, and in 1976 received a Juno award for Best Selling International Single. “Mr Jaws” accounts for 51% of this catalogs earnings in the last 12 months. Earnings for this catalog have doubled in the last 12 months, attributed to an increase in SiriusXM plays. The song is regularly featured on Jaws themed radio shows, which are celebrated the 40th anniversary of the film on July 4th.

Additionally, the popular track “The Flying Saucer” peaked at No. 3 in 1956 on the Billboard charts. The song is notably featured on the Grammy-winning Brain In A Box album of classic science fiction songs. Historically, this song contributes to nearly a quarter of this catalog’s earnings. In the last 12 months, it has grown 75%.

Key Drivers

Catalog Age. “Mr. Jaws” was written more than 43 years ago and has been collecting royalties for nearly as long. This demonstrates the longevity and impact Dickie Goodman has had on comedy sampling worldwide. Industry-wide, Catalog Music (music release more than 18 months ago) and "Deep Catalog" (music released more than 3 years ago) together represent over 60% of music streamed today. This collection of works has proven relevant for well over a decade and continues to show positive growth trends.

Novelty Hits. This collection of works shows proven placements surrounding annual holidays and special events. Novelty works such as “The Flying Saucer,” “Mr. Jaws,” “Santa and The Satellite,” and more receive increased radio and Sirius XM streams during Halloween, Christmas, and the 4th of July. Goodman’s Monster Album contains additional popular holiday tracks like “Meet The Creature” and “Mr. Jaws.” this past year Goodman was featured on Sirius XM’s “50’s on 5” station’s “A Very Novel Halloween special .” As the winning bidder, you can benefit from these increased holiday plays!

A Note About Copyright Length

This catalog includes musical compositions that were created over a period of more than 30 years, beginning in the 1950s and ending in the 1980s. Various songs in the catalog are subject to three different provisions of the U.S. Copyright Act. For songs created prior to 1978, the copyright length is 95 years from the date of creation. For songs created after January 1, 1978, the copyright length is the life of author plus 70 years. The five highest earning songs were all subject to the 95-year length, and their copyrights will expire as follows:

  • "Mr. Jaws": Expires 2070
  • "Flying Saucer": Expires 2051
  • "Energy Crisis 74": Expires 2069
  • "Santa and the Satellite": Expires 2047
  • "Santa and the Touchables": Expires 2056

About the Royalty Distributor

Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) is one of four United States performing rights organizations, along with ASCAP, SESAC & Global Music Rights. It collects license fees from music users on behalf of songwriters, composers, and music publishers and distributes them as royalties to those members whose works have been performed. For more information on BMI’s distribution schedule, click here.

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