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Bid now for your chance to collect from multiple royalty streams across a variety of pop-stars, from Big Time Rush, to P!nk, to the Backstreet Boys and Jessica Simpson.


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The Theoretical IRR is a formulaic guideline based on an extrapolation of the normalized, historical earnings trend of the catalog. The Theoretical IRR is not a guarantee of future performance. It should be used for comparison purposes only. Each catalog has its own risk factors and the Theoretical IRR is not based upon a specific analysis of this catalog. Click here to view the basis for all Theoretical IRR calculations.

Historic royalty income is no indication of future royalty income. Future royalty income is dependent upon future sales and licensing revenue generated by the sound recordings or compositions associated with this listing.

Starting Price: $23,500
Bidding Increment: $600
Closing Price: $27,100
End Date: Sep 19, 2018, 3:00 PM MDT
Last 12 Months' Royalties: $6,269
Investment Term: 10 years*
Distributors: Universal Music Publishing Group
Rights Included:

Public Performance, Mechanical, Sync

Interests Included:

Songwriter (World)

Track List:

Track List

First Distribution: September 30, 2018
Distribution Frequency: Biannually
Relist-Eligible? Yes
Buyer Fees:


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What rights are included?

  Musical Composition Sound Recording
Copyrights included? No
Public Performance
Sources: Internet Streaming, AM/FM & Satellite Radio, Digital Downloads, CD Sales, TV/Film/Commercial Placements & Performances, etc. Internet Streaming, Satellite Radio, Digital Downloads, CD Sales, TV/Film/Commercial Placements & Performances, Samples, etc.
Distributors: Universal Music Publishing Group


Up for auction is an international pop catalog featuring recognizable artists Big Time Rush, P!nk, Backstreet Boys, and more. This catalog earns from mechanical, performance, and sync royalty streams. As the winner of this auction, you can receive income in multiple ways from dozens of artists.

This includes boy-band sensations Big Time Rush whose success sparked a self-titled scripted TV series, which currently ranks as one of Nickelodeon’s longest-running live action TV series. Contributing to 65% of this catalog’s earnings in the last 12 months is the track “Worldwide,” which shows impressive growth at 44%. This listing also features multiple hits from the band’s platinum album Elevate, including “Love Me Love Me” and “You Are Not Alone.” Collectively.hese tracks contribute to over 11% of this catalog’s historic earnings.

This collection also includes notable tracks, “It’s Christmas Time Again,” from Jessica Simpson’s 2010 RIAA certified Gold Rejoyce: The Christmas Album and Australian pop-artist Jessica Mauboy’s hit track “Run.” Collectively, the works account for 8% and of this catalog’s earnings in the last 12 months.

Finally, the popular P!nk track “Fingers” is included. Released in 2006 on P!nk’s deluxe-edition fourth-studio album, “Fingers” remains the only bonus track ever performed by the artist in concert. A live version of the work performed at Wembley Stadium appears on the tours subsequent DVD release.


Income Mix. The winner of this auction can receive income from three different royalty streams:

  • Mechanical: Royalties paid to songwriters and artists when music is sold (think CD or vinyl) but also when music is streamed (streaming mechanicals) “on-demand” (like Spotify).

  • Performance: Royalties paid to songwriters when music is performed publicly. Music played over the radio, in a restaurant or bar, or over a service like Spotify or Pandora is considered a public performance.

    • Nearly a quarter of this catalog’s earnings come from public performance royalties — with 20% of last year’s income coming from this source.

  • Synchronization: Royalties paid to songwriters and publishers for the licensing of a song in music for a movie, TV show, or commercial.

About the Royalty Distributor

Universal Music Publishing Group is a North American music publishing company and is part of the Universal Music Group. Universal Music Publishing is the world's second-largest music publishing company and owns or administers more than 3 million copyrights. They are one of the largest music publishing businesses in the world with more than 43 offices in 36 countries. For more information on Universal Music Group’s distribution schedule, click here and review the schedule related to copyrights.

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