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Up for auction is publishing revenue from a catalog featuring two of today’s most popular K-Pop groups! 


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Historic royalty income is no indication of future royalty income. Future royalty income is dependent upon future sales and licensing revenue generated by the sound recordings or compositions associated with this listing.

Starting Price: $61,100
Bidding Increment: $2,500
Closing Price: $61,100
End Date: Jan 29, 2020, 3:00 PM MST
Dollar Age:

5.29 Years

Last 12 Months' Royalties:


Investment Term: Life of author + 70 years

Fujipacific Music, Inc. and Universal Music Publishing South Korea (See Note Below)

Rights Included:

Mechanical, Public Performance, Sync

Interests Included:

Publisher/Co-Publisher (See Note Below)

Track List:

Track List

First Distribution: March 31, 2020
Distribution Frequency: Biannually
Buyer Fees:

1% of closing price or $500 (whichever is greater)

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What rights are included?


This K-Pop catalog includes tracks from genre-leading K-Pop groups EXO and TVXQ. As the winner of this auction, you will collect mechanical, public performance, and sync royalties for two singles: “Boomerang” from EXO and “Superstar” performed by TVXQ. 

Looking at the collective song income mix, earnings are fairly evenly split with “Boomerang” bringing in 54% of last year’s revenue. Performed by the South Korean pop group EXO, the song hit No. 4 on Billboard’s K-pop Hot 100 on September 23, 2017. Mechanical royalties drive these earnings, accounting for 91% of last year’s profits. 

“Superstar” from TVXQ generates the remaining 46% of revenue. Released in 2011, the song is from the group’s fifth Japanese studio album—Tone—and served as the group’s 32nd Japanese single. “Superstar” hit No. 1 the Billboard Japan Hot 100 and No. 2 on Japan’s Oricon Singles Chart. The Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) awarded the single a Gold certification within a week of its release.  

Key Drivers

Income Mix. The winner of this auction can receive income from various royalty streams:

  • Mechanical: Royalties paid to songwriters and artists when music is sold (downloaded) but also when music is streamed (streaming mechanicals) “on-demand” like Spotify for example.

  • Performance: Royalties paid to songwriters when music is performed publicly. Music played over the radio, in a restaurant or bar, or over a service like Spotify or Pandora is considered a public performance.

  • Synchronization: Royalties paid to songwriters and publishers for the licensing of a song in music for a movie, TV show, or commercial.

K-Pop Genre. 2018 was the year of K-pop’s undeniable rise to a globally recognized industry, according to Forbes. Korean pop acts first began to go viral over a decade ago with the emergence of YouTube. As a result, the Korean music industry has grown in recognition and popularity in both Asia and around the globe. K-Pop now has an audience in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and South America, and other Asian markets, including Japan.

According to IFPI 2019 Music Listening Report, K-Pop is now ranked as the seventh most- popular genre globally. This is rather notable as the 2018 report published in October 2018 did not include K-pop in their top genre list, suggesting that the K-Pop revolution may have only just begun. You could benefit from the genre’s potential rising popularity with this catalog.

What Is being sold? 

Seller’s interest in the publisher’s and co-publisher’s shares of all publishing royalties generated in the territory of Southeast Asia* and and attributable to the musical compositions “Boomerang” and “Superstar,” currently distributed by Universal Music Publishing South Korea and Fujipacific Music, respectively.

*Please note: the Southeast Asia territory includes, with the exception noted below: China, Hong Kong, Macau, India, Indonesia, Japan*, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam. *Exception: Japan is excluded from the collection by UMP South Korea for “Boomerang,” but is included in collection by Fujipacific Music for “Superstar.”


This winner of this auction will collect the royalties directly from the distributors Universal Music Publishing South Korea and Fujipacific Music, Inc., on a biannual basis. Please see the Post-Auction Process tab for further information.

About the Royalty Distributor

Fujipacific Music Inc. is part of Fujisankei Communications Group, Japan's largest media conglomerate. With over 50 years of history, Fujipacific continues to be one of the top Music Publishers in Japan. 

Universal Music Publishing South Korea is a music publishing company and is part of the Universal Music Group. Universal Music Publishing is the world's second-largest music publishing company and owns or administers more than 3 million copyrights. They are one of the largest music publishing businesses in the world with more than 43 offices in 36 countries. 

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