Robert Miles’ Platinum Single “Children”

This catalog features sound recording income generated by Robert Miles’ 1995, global dance single “Children,” and more.


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Historic royalty income is no indication of future royalty income. Future royalty income is dependent upon future sales and licensing revenue generated by the sound recordings or compositions associated with this listing.

Starting Price: $61,500
Bidding Increment: $900
Closing Price: $119,100
End Date: Dec 11, 2019, 3:14 PM MST
Dollar Age:

~ 24 Years

Last 12 Months' Royalties:


Investment Term:

68 Years (See Note Below)



Rights Included:

Sales, Streaming, Sync

Interests Included:


Track List:

Track List

First Distribution (paid 30 days from receipt):

April 30, 2020

Distribution Frequency:

Biannually (See Note Below)

Buyer Fees:

1% of closing price or $500 (whichever is greater)

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What rights are included?


Here’s a unique chance to invest in an established royalty stream!

This offering features the late Robert Miles’ 1995 dream trance hit single “Children,” along every song from Miles' first two albums, Dreamland and 23am. As the winning bidder, you’ll collect revenue generated by sales (physical and downloads) and streaming of the included singles, as well as the two albums. 

Robert Miles is widely considered a pioneer of the dream trance genre, and “Children” was a global crossover pop hit when it was released. “Children” was the most successful single in Miles’ career, going No. 1  in upwards of 15 countries across Europe and North America. The track is this asset's top-producing title, with over half of last year’s revenue. 

Dreamland was also very popular with critics and fans, becoming Gold-certified in the United States and Platinum in several countries across Europe. Other notable earners from Dreamland include “Fable,” and the No. 1 Billboard dance hit “One & One” from Robert Miles and Maria Nayler

Key Drivers

Sound Recordings: Sound recording royalties benefit from streaming disproportionately more than composition-based royalties. If Spotify pays 70-cents of every dollar on music rights, 60-cents of that goes to the sound recording copyright (which the label splits with the artist based on their contract agreement), while the remaining 10-cents goes to the composition copyright. As the winner of this auction, you’ll collect sound recording streaming income for the included songs. 

Multiple Income Streams. The winner of this auction can receive royalties from various streams:

  • Sales: Royalties paid to artists and producers when a recording is sold, which can be downloaded (on a platform like iTunes), as well as physical copies being sold (such as a C.D.).
  • Streaming: Royalties paid to artists and producers when a recording is streamed “on-demand” (like Spotify for example) as well as non-interactive streaming (Pandora).
  • Synchronization: Royalties paid to artists and producers for the licensing of a recording in music for a movie, TV show, or commercial.

Featured Artist. As a founding member of the “dream house” genre, Robert Miles was catapulted to worldwide fame with his dance anthem "Children." He continued pioneering in the music industry through his founding of OpenLab, a forward-thinking multimedia company led by OpenLab Radio, featuring the best in indie, electronica, alternative, ambient, experimental, chill-out, soul, singer-songwriter and jazz music. The station was very popular but went off-air after Miles’ death in 2017. Thanks to Miles OpenLab team and fan support, OpenLab began re-broadcasting in May 2019.

Note about copyright length

Under both the European Union and United States regulations, the copyright length for all recordings in this catalog is the life of the author, plus 70 years. Robert Miles died in 2017, so the underlying sound recording copyrights will be valid for another 68 years.


The distributor of these royalties, Smilax, uses an invoice process for paying royalties. Smilax pays royalties on a biannual basis. The winning bidder of this auction will have an online portal that will include statements showing the royalties due for each period, and the winning bidder will be responsible for submitting invoices to Smilax for amounts owed.

About the Royalty Distributor

Smilax, an Italian record label and publisher that started in 2005, collaborates with both independent and major labels to license and distribute its catalog worldwide in physical and digital outlets. It continues to find new monetization outlets for its recordings by packaging them in compilation albums around the world.

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